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2005 Sti

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been looking a lot recently at hawkeye sti's and would like to know what a fair price is for one at the minute?

ive seen one on the net 2005 sti in blue 21,000 miles one owner full ppp and remap etc how much would you say?

its up for sale at 11,995 the problem is for that cash id rather have an m3!

any help would be great v confused!


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i thought if the car had the blob eye headlights it was a blob eye and if it had the newer type(which i thought was a hawk eye) it was a hawk eye!

the car im looking at and others on autotrader dont have blob eyes so what one is it then??

like that i know it aint a 2.5 but is that not classed as a hawkeye then?


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