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    Places at SIDC Trackdays will only be confirmed on completion of a successful booking. These will be able to be made online via the SIDC Shop. A list of attendees will be shown on the event page on the Forum so everyone can see the numbers of places available, and who is attending. This list will be managed by the event coordinator.


    If you have to cancel your trackday booking, please inform Events@sidc.co.uk so the place can be managed properly, and Members given priority. Cancelled bookings will be treated in the following ways;

    • 30 days or more notice you can cancel subject to a 10% fee to cover paypal/bank charges if you want a refund, or you can have a credit for the full amount for a future event.
    • Between 7 and 30 days, then if we (SIDC) can re-sell the slot then you can have a refund minus the 10% handling fee or a credit for the full amount for a future event. If we can't sell the slot (i.e. not all slots in the shop are sold), then your only option is a credit for a future event.
    • Less than 7 days, if we have a reserve list and can sell the slot, then we will put you in touch with the person buying your slot, and you can arrange financials between yourselves. If there is no reserve list, then you lose your booking fee or can have a credit (maybe 50%) carried forward to a future booking.

    If you don't tell us in advance, then you lose your booking fee completely.

    You are also able to sell/transfer your slot to another person, but must copy to a)SIDC, b)the event organiser, and c)the other driver an email to provide authorisation and an audit trail.


    If you are unable to bring your Subaru, or whichever car you booked in, you can bring a replacement regardless of make or model as long as it is eligible for SIDC trackdays, ie: not a single seater. If you choose not to bring another car, we will carry forward a percentage of your booking depending on the notice given and whether there is a reserve list.

    The SIDC reserves the right to alter, amend, delete or withdraw the above rates at any time without prior notice.
    The SIDC reserves the right at all times to vary, change, alter, amend, add to or remove any event description. ... Use of trademarks/logo’s is forbidden unless you have prior written permission

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