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  1. Hi Paul...Hope you and everyone are well mate
  2. Thats lovely!!! I'll have to see what the prices are like and see if the wife likes it!
  3. My God, I'm so out of the loop .....got a pic of the GB270?
  4. Hello mate! You still in Germany? What you got now? If I get the wagon, I'll HAVE to take it round the Nurburgring if ya fancy a meet
  5. Mr DJ!!! Long time no see/speak! Hope everything is good with you and the other half!
  6. Hi Kim, Yeah we're all well thanks. I've been told I can have one as long as it's a wagon!!!
  7. Good evening all! No been on here for a looooong time!!! How is everyone? I see Kim is ChairWOMAN! And a damn fine one I expect. Good to see the finest Subaru club is still going strong
  8. All... I was just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that hires out the 2010 Ford Mustang 427R by Roush that is chauffeur driven? I'm looking to get one for my up coming wedding and I know the missus really wants one, So I'm just putting the feelers out to try and find one. Cost isn't really an issue as it's something that needs to be got! Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks Lee
  9. All, I have 4 tickets going begging for the World Series By Renault at Silverstone for tomorrow. If you live in the Surrey/Middlesex area or you are willing to travel to collect them, call me: 07917-610-067 You get Paddock Access and Grandstand. I've got this announced on Facebook and other forums too so be quick. Lee
  10. Glad he's ok, thanks for the updates all. Just befriended him on Facebook so I'll ping him a message soon. Thanks again.
  11. Cheers Paul, how come he sold it? Did he say why?
  12. I was just wondering if Warby was still on the scene? Haven't seen him since JAE 2006/07! "PETE, YOU OUT THERE MATE?!!!"
  13. I had a full H&S system on my old Classic and I'd have had nothing else on it. The best sounding and gives you decent gains in power too.
  14. Can't believe the rally is on at the same time!!! Just gonna have to flick me thinks.
  15. What are the times and channels Paul? sorry not got access to a tv guide
  16. Morning all, I'm sorry for unhappy thread but, James Greenwood from Greenwood Racing Developments was on holiday in Los Angeles and was involved in a hit and run, when I say involved I mean he was the poor sod that was hit. He was taken straight to intensive care and on Saturday had to have an operation to try and save his leg. He also suffered severe head,neck and spinal injuries. Here is a link to the news page telling you all about it. News Article Link As soon as I know anything else I post it up. Hope you make a speedy and full recovery James.
  17. I reckon you could go in the 13's maybe the 12's mate. If you go for the 14's and you run 12/13 second 1/4's they will probably move you anyway.
  18. Only if it's well looked after!
  19. Kip...I'm really sorry to see this mate. I feel for you As soon as I saw those pictures of the A post I thought write off straight away Good luck with the reshell though, and hope you're back on the road a.s.a.p mate You gotta be at the next Dunstable meet I'm at!
  20. Nice graphics mate I wouldn't worry about the numbers to be honest...I had numbers on my doors for nearly 2 years, and was never pulled over or questioned by my insurance company whatsoever...even when I biffed! I had an email from the MSA, after I went and picked up my licence, and they said you must remove the numbers blah blah blah, I never did and nothing happened...It all gets blown out of proportion IMHO! Leave them on and enjoy
  21. I'd say a slightly modded classic would be around the 13 seconds mark.......Please correct me if I'm wrong
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