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  1. Although I don't know Greg I'm very sad to hear this. I've been in the situation myself, just over 3 years ago my then girlfriend suffered a brain haemorrhage. I came home after work and found her collapsed, fortunately it hadn't long happened, The emergency services were on the case quickly and after a CT scan at the local hospital confirming what had happened she was transferred to a specialist neuro unit within hours. I really cannot praise the staff at the neuro unit highly enough, it was a very scary time for all involved but after possibly the longest month of our lives - she had to have the aneurism clipped, which involved a crainiotomy - she was released and has since made a full recovery. So although it feels like the end of the world at the time, it's not necessarily the case. I truly hope Greg and Alison have a similarly successful outcome. And I refer to her as my then girlfriend, because that little incident made me get off my backside and put a ring on her finger, and for the last 2-1/2 years I've been referring to her as my "wife". Clouds and silver linings and all that. Cheers, Plug
  2. Firstly, yuletide felicitations to all - hope you are having a wonderful Christmas! I am looking to downsize the fleet of cars - I've got 4 at the moment and it's all getting a bit silly. Unfortunately, this means that the Scooby is in the firing line. I'm off to go and look at another car on Monday with a view to part-exing the Scoob, and wondered what you all think it's worth? The online price guides seem to vary wildly, but it's an older car and more difficult to value accurately. So, the car is a silver 2000/W classic estate, only 63K on the clock, completely standard. Factory options include 6 CD multichanger, air-con and full black leather. I has almost full Subaru service history (one stamp is non-Subaru). Cambelt was done at 58K beginning of 2009, as part of a service that relieved the previous owner of £1100 at Bell and Colville. I have invoices to back up most of the service stamps and the car appears to have wanted for nothing (the only way I'd buy one). It is remarkably clean for its age but it is 10 years old and has a few, very minor, blemishes. I'd welcome your thoughts.. Cheers, Plug
  3. Greetings, Citizens. Well, it's that time of year again. Sunny mornings and temperatures dipping towards zero, around here at least. Is there a better time to own a forced induction car? Taking a B-road diversion to work today, the car definitely feels as though it's been at the steroids.. all that cold dense air to shove into the combustion chamber! Free horsepower.. the best kind! Cheers, Plug
  4. I take it by F1's you mean GSD-3's? I'm at the point of needing some new tyres on the Scoob in the next couple of months, unfortunately they don't make GSD-3's in 205/50 16 any more (I'm on standard rims). Rats. I was faced with a similar situation back in the year with my Fiat Barchetta and put T1-Rs on the front. They've worked out great, similar tread pattern to the F1's, bags and bags of grip, feel a bit softer overall so probably won't last quite as long but they were a bit cheaper than the Goodyears so it probably all evens out in the end. £72 quid a corner sounds about right for the Toyos.. Cheers, Plug
  5. Hello and welcome from me too. Good looking Scooby you have there, red+anthracite looks nice! Cheers, Plug
  6. Congratulations, good work fella! Cheers, Plug
  7. Plug

    Car Hire

    This lot : Mustang wedding have a 2007 Roush, if that's any good. Although the '67 Eleanor would be my choice.. Cheers, Plug
  8. Well I will play devil's advocate here and recommend Sony. I must admit that the main reason I took this route is that I had collected various Minolta bits from my 35mm days and Sony bought into the DSLR market by buying the then Konica Minolta brand. Hence I can still use my old lenses.. But there are other reasons to recommend, principally that image stabilisation is done in the camera body on the Sony range as opposed to the lens, so extra glass can be sourced without paying through the nose. I bought a 35-200mm Minolta Xi powerzoom lens from eBay (which translates to 50-300mm equivalent on the A100) for £100. A very useful lens, just try finding a Canon or Nikon equivalent for that kind of money. Just my £0.02, I know that camera choice is a very personal thing and there are many Canon and Nikon fans out there. But I like to think outside the box.. and I don't make my living from photography, it's just an interest! Cheers, Plug
  9. Pretty much the same as my old one.. Silver rather than blue, and this one's got leather but that's about it. UK supplied and unmodified, the only way I buy 'em.. Now on 63K at 10 years old.. Cheers, Plug
  10. What ho newbie.. welcome aboard! Cheers, Plug
  11. Nice. Perhaps if I got the Sherman tank one it would discourage my selfish tw*t neighbours from blocking my garage.. Cheers, Plug
  12. Greetings, citizen. Another name from the past back to haunt us.. 'ello! I remember when I deserted, you gave me 8 months before I'd be back in a Scooby.. well, it actually took 3 and a half years, but here I am again.. Cheers, Plug
  13. I had an AMG Mercedes a couple of years back and got rear-ended at a roundabout. Nothing serious, just a bumper off and repaint job, into the dealership overnight and a courtesy car offered. When the insurance company rang me up and asked what I needed as a courtesy car, I said I didn't care but wanted an automatic as that was what I was used to driving.. on the grounds that auto rental cars were normally larger. They sent me a Vauxhall Corsa semi-automatic thing, possibly the most awful car I've ever driven. I wish I'd just asked for a manual.. Cheers, Plug
  14. TBH, they'l probably go on the size of car and send you a Focus. If you're lucky it'll be an RS, but don't bank on it. Courtesy cars are supposed to be a means of keeping you on the road whilst your car in being repaired, not a chance to hoon around in someone else's fast car for a couple of days. Dull but true.. Cheers, Plug
  15. That's awesome, it makes my little helicopter that I fly round the living room look as puny as it is.. Cheers, Plug
  16. Cheers mate, I like it. Got all the toys, leather/air/CD multichanger. Very few nicks/dinks for a 10 year old car too.. it's as clean as they come..
  17. Well, I've had Scooby #3 coming up on 6 months now and still haven't got around to posting up any pics. Very remiss of me, but it has been a busy time. As I've actually had a few hours free this weekend, the buckets have been out and the car is looking all clean and shiny.. scrubs up very nicely for an old girl. So here she is.. Cheers, Plug
  18. Same as that, really. List price is 19K but 17K should be acheivable with some negotiation, a fleet buyer would pay considerably less. At a year old and 6K on the clock, £13K sounds reasonable but I wouldn't call it a snatch your arm off bargain. Cheers, Plug
  19. My classic (unmodified) only gets around 20 round town too, but it'll do 27-28 on a fast motorway run. You should be thereabouts, possibly better (6 speed box on your car?). Cheers, Plug
  20. Edenbridge to Cornwall would be A22/M25/M3/A303/M5/A38, all pretty good roads if you catch them at the right time and you should get there on a single tank. Watch out for cameras on the A303, it's GATSO central. There's also a diversion around Mere in Wiltshire at the moment as they are digging up quite a long section. I haven't been down to the West Country for a while, but availability of Super Unleaded used to be patchy, if you're fussy about that sort of thing.. Cheers, Plug
  21. Hello again, another one back into the fold. I'm back myself after a 3 year absence, good to see old names popping up on the forum again! Cheers, Plug
  22. How do, I remember your name from back in the day. I've been away for a while, but back again now with Scooby #3.. Cheers, Plug
  23. We drove down to the New Forest today to meet some friends for lunch, setting off in the most appalling deluge down a minor A road. In the first 8 miles the road was flooded 4 times, probably 6-10 inches deep. However, the Scoob just ploughed through on each occasion (probably at c. 20mph, with quite an impressive bow wave), as sure footed as a mountain goat. No misfires, no dramas. I did hear a bit of belt slip after one dousing - but only for a second or so. I don't think I'd have survived the first one in my Fiat with its temperamental Italian electrics.. Cheers, Plug
  24. I'm a fan of the spec D, nice subtle looks but all the go of the STI. All of my scoobs have been classics so I'm not sure if the servicing schedule is the same, but the 90K service is a biggie. Cambelt, plugs, and all the fluids plus all the regular stuff, had it done on my last scooby at a main dealer and was relieved of £700+. This was about 5 years ago too, I doubt it has got cheaper. Fuel consumption is very variable, I reckon on 20 to the gallon on the work run (3 miles each way, mostly in town) but high 20s is achievable on the motorway with a light foot on the throttle. I'd reckon you'd get 220-240 miles to the tank on your commute - Scoobies and filling stations are the best of buddies. Take it on a track day and expect single figures, from what I've heard.. The fact that SWMBO is on-side is a definite bonus - go for it! Cheers, Plug
  25. Looks like a minter, nice colour and v.low mileage. I thought I'd done well finding a 2000/60K miler. It's big money for a classic, but the best is seldom cheap.. Cheers, Plug
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