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  1. i guess i can be in both cambs and northants i am on the border of the 2. anyone around?
  2. thanks, it ticked all the boxes so i had to have it. it was close, a good price (i think), got a few bits done and needs some doing and plus it stopped my son asking if i was going to get one, he does go on when he gets a bee in his bonnet.
  3. It's dark green y reg. It has had some upgrades but I am not up to speed in everything yet. It does have the strut brace. Adjustable shocks. Stainless steel headers and decat exhaust. Some red bits under the bonnet I don't know what though lol. Oh and the seller told me it has the pro drive intercooler apparently. I am sure I will get to know what's what. It does have a knock from the rear roll bar drop link do maybe I will replace everything at the back. 😊
  4. Hi all. Just bought a bugeye wrx. My soon is 17 and just getting into cars and we wanted a car with awd and a turbo. I have always admired the impreza and it is amazing to drive. We just need to decide what jobs need doing first. I don't have the first clue about upgrades so I'll have to get reading. Thanks Phill
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