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  1. Thanks! Interesting to know, altho I'm going to have to use Google translate I think ?? might try learning Japanese for a challenge though. The ej205 seems pretty well regarded on various forums, at least compared to the ej25. Other than running it on premium fuel and making sure the cambelt has been changed, is there anything I need to be wary of for this particular engine? And thanks again for your help! ??
  2. Thank you! That's the only engine code that I can find listed for the exiga GT. Just wondered what it meant. I work in the motor trade, and ironically enough at a motor factors, but can't seem to find much for the exiga on the systems yet. Guess it's still quite a new import to have over here. Alphard's and elgrands are listed, I assume exigas will be too soon enough.
  3. The sti would be nice, altho I imagine it'd demand a hefty price premium! I don't think the standard gt's are badly priced for what they are to be fair? Is that dealer software then, or can anybody use it? Random question, what does this engine code mean? EJ205HBKME. I know the ej205 is reference to the ej20 type of engine, and the 5 means it is the 225ps Jap version I think....? I'm not sure! But I take it this engine is generally a decent unit? Thanks again ?
  4. From what I can tell there is really only one GT model people have imported, sometimes with a few extras fitted? What website have you shown above? I've not seen that one before. Worcester road have a couple, and I think Jap auto agent has one, and so does another dealer whose name I can't remember right now ? they seem good value compared to an Alphard, which was my other choice. I don't want another elgrand ?
  5. Thank you! ? I've seen those two reviews, they seem to like it. I need a seven seater for the family car and like my Jap imports. Never had a Subaru but always wanted one growing up, so thought the exiga is a decent compromise kinda thing. Do you know if Subaru dealers are ok ordering parts for imports if needs be? I used to have a nissan elgrand, and nissan dealers were not very helpful when I needed to order dealer only parts. Because it was a Jap Import they weren't interested in the slightest. Whereas a friend of mine has a Toyota Alphard, and dealers are always willing to help him if he needs a certain dealer only part, they'll gladly order one from Japan. Thanks again ?
  6. Hi all! I've just joined, looking at buying a Subaru exiga (the GT model though, so the ej205)...is one of those "allowed" in here as such? I can't seem to find out much about them! This forum looks awesome, so thought I'd join to ask if anyone knows more anything them ?? Thanks Ian ??
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