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  1. I have an account on Scoobynet that I haven't used since 2005. The account is still there and it contains information about me and my old car. I either want to access the account so I can delete the account or have my data removed by the admins under GDPR . Problem is they fail to respond to my enquiries possibly because the email account associated is an old btopenworld one I no longer have. Has anyone had similar issues is the site even administered at all. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts don't seem to be active either.
  2. I am trying to see if my old scooby T742 TVW is still out there and where it might be. I bought the car from Days of Chelmsford in 1999 brand new, I was after an RB5 but the orderbook was closed but they had a lovely silver standard 2000 Turbo in stock due to a sale falling through so I snapped it up. I then joined the SIDC after a chance meeting with the now sadly departed Richard (Dick) Grimes, when he and his wife Yvette ran it from their box room at home. I owned the car for some years doing a few personalisation's , Hayward and Scott cat back system, larger Type R wing, coil over suspension, STi intercooler, OZ Racing Alloys. Sometimes regret selling it but needs must and off it went, then sorting through some old photos there it was and it set me wondering if it was still in the community. It still shows up as currently with an MOT so if you know it or own it please get in touch.
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