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  1. Prob was a long shot that whoever had car had been member of these forums anyway. Just thought if I could get some history it would help. A previous 04 wrx I had, I bought from Northern Ireland and thankfully had no issues, it done 245000 miles when i sold it, bought it with 40000 on clock. Its still about but as a weekend drive. Thats her spotted recently attached.
  2. Hi Tony Many thanks for your reply, I never thought of that we dont have private plates over here in Ireland. Whatever plate you get you are stuck with! I quite like the idea of personal plates though. Neil
  3. Hi All Im looking at a 2016 wrx sti that was origionally registered in the Uk. Reg plate BV66LGJ. Its a long shot but wondering if any members owned it and had any history on it. Thanks for reading Neil
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