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  1. Hello All I have browsed these forums for some time, but not posted much. I had an very fun modified Accord Type R for many years, but have always wanted a subaru I am now a super happy owner of a 2005 WRX300 (i hope). I has had an engine rebuild 6 months ago and lots of parts replaced so hopefully reliable for a while. I have sooo many stupid questions ? But firstly, can anyone reccomed a known trusted subaru specialist near Glossop. I would just like a speciaslist to do a full check on it and the first oils change to have a base ownership. And i have a new double din to fit to it so is disconnecting the battery while i plug it in and remove the old one ok, or will it screw up something with the alarm\immobiliser? Ok one more sorry. I have a few old obd2 bluetooth scanners, £10 ones. Will they let me read live data to my double din of temps and loads etc? I look forward to chatting with you all, and maybe even meeting people once the plague is gone.
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