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  1. hi any one goin to oulton park tunerfest
  2. thanks il have look around for 1 cos got full decat upgraded fuel pump upgraded plugs and intercooler on it so far just got sum 650 injectors ready to go on wen get turbo then get 2nd remap only got bout 272bhp at min
  3. wats best to upgade to on it
  4. hi would td05 20g turbo fit straight into 2008 impreza wrx
  5. 20201223_114500.mp4 20201223_114500.mp4
  6. got my remap dne at gt motorsport in stoke its made it like new car made it lot faster and goin back there ather xmas for stage 2 to be dne
  7. wares best place to get remap for my 2008 wrx in northwest of england any ideas please
  8. hi newbie here just got my wrx 2008 love it just had full decat exhaust from japspeed dne mad good difference remap next week
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