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  1. Thank you very much, just hope it’s not another year until I get to take it out again. But the way they are looking everything down again then there’s every chance sadly
  2. Finally let loose today, good run to Inverness and back, nothing silly just getting used to the car and a little job out that way, hopefully see some of the northern members out and about
  3. Does anybody know who owns the Yellow new WRX around Inverness, seen around the Fairways roundabout at lunchtime today very tidy looking machine
  4. Now you may see me out and about, should be in Inverness late next week in the right car!
  5. Cheers finally get to drive early December now the borders out here have reopened!
  6. Hey all, yep I know I am a newbie and sadly still haven’t been able to meet any of you, but I am starting to look to 2021 and wondered if there’s any provisional events already pencilled in for next year at all? Working abroad I have to plan my return around things I would like to match up with so I would like to try match my trips home to include a club Knockhill & a Club Crail event if possible. Any help if possible would be great. thanks in advance phil
  7. Sadly Andy no, COVID still has me trapped overseas and still not seen or driven the car yet ? however it has meant a cheeky valet from Highland Valet so the car is looking fabulous just awaiting the chance to get home and finally be introduced to her! possibility in December but might now be after the New year has rolled in sadly ?
  8. Cheers Andy, it is what it is with regards travel, but just gives a bigger reward when the travel restrictions are lifted, Also gives time for planning some runs out in the car to get acquainted with it!
  9. Yeah have said a wee hello on the Scottish section, just awaiting news on the delivery this week. Mind I am stuck over seas for at least another couple of months thanks to COVID it seems but be good to see the Mrs and the kids with the car on delivery day, at least until I am home to get it from the storage lock up
  10. Hi Tony, I am based up in Moray so a Long way up but looking forward to doing a must now as it’s on my door step and obviously this is the right Machine for it - NC500 I certainly aim to try get to a few meets when not overseas etc with work but still just buzzing that after nearly 15 years there’s another Subaru In the Garage
  11. Hi All, So after 15 years finally getting a Scoob back on the Drive. I am based in Moray and although work has me travelling lots I look forward to hearing my MY05 Sti Widetrack PPP has been delivered next week. currently with all the Covid-19 sadly I am stuck in a zero travel zone but hope to return back to moray certainly before total weather loss. look forward to in the future catching up with other members
  12. Hi All, So Way back in 2004-2006 I had a GC8 Sport which the Ex-wife took in the separation, sadly it’s taken some time but Finally I am back with a 7 stars car (The car being the 7th) being delivered in the coming week. With a STi UK Widetrack PPP. it’s good to be back in the fold and look forward to getting to know folks as and when the Car has arrived. Cheers for Now Phil C.
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