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  1. ??? well it’s definitely not cheap anyways.
  2. Here, I’ve got a Subaru 330s and I’m loving it, best car ive ever driven (I’m only 21 and haven’t driven much cars, so that statement could be very misinformed) but I’ve just been wondering lately, what actually gives the 330s that extra 30 horsepower to the standard, what did Prodrive actually do to the car??
  3. Im looking to change the exhaust on my car in the near future because it’s just not as loud as I want it to be really, but for the time being I don’t wanna buy a full exhaust system, so what would be the best thing to change, a sports downpipe or a car back with resonator delete??
  4. Im thinking of fitting an after market blow off valve to my car, is this a good idea and if so is there anything to look out for?
  5. To be fair there is no need, I’ve just heard there is a lot of benefits such as better on fuel and longer life span on the engine, although I’ve heard there are some downsides as well and just wanted to know if it was worth it or not
  6. Good afternoon guys. I have a 2009 Subaru Impreza wrx sti 330s 2.5L and I've been thinking about replacing the standard panel air filter with a K&N cone air filter, could anyone advise if this is a good or bad idea and if so is there something else I could do instead to upgrade the air intake?
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