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  1. That’s the baby? Accept mines got the Anthracite coloured wheels ( I think that’s what they called the colour). So, anyone else got one? Cheers for the clarification The Don and nice upload of detail?
  2. Nice to hear from you t5nyw. I’m aware of the RB5 in both the standard configuration and the WR version. What I’m talking about is a straight Prodrive WR Sport as that was how they were badged. As far as I’m aware no RB5 ever had any WR Sport livery attached to the car. It was usually signified in the owners manual if it had indeed been uprated by prodrive. Most of the WR Sports were in the 95H Deep Blue Mica, but I could be wrong on that score. The RB5 and the WR Sport both shared the same rear Prodive Spoiler and I’m sure that many of the Prodrive bits put on a WR Sport were the same as a PPP’d RB5, with the exception of Prodrive liveried Speedline 17” 7 spoke wheels which were available in either gold or anthracite and as far as I know were only ever used on a WR Sport.
  3. Hi everyone, I’m the proverbial virgin here, so be gentle! Having owned an Impreza for 19 years, therefore the only owner and having known about SIDC for nearly as long, I just can’t understand why I never joined years ago! Anyway, as my title asks, “are there any true WR Sports out there?” I understand that if the car went direct to Prodrive from new and had the PPP treatment, it was rebadged as a WR Sport, as mine is. I have only ever seen one other and that was in Oxford services many moons ago, so presumably they’re quite rare. If you have one let me know!
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