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  1. Thank you. I think I would prefer someone else do it lol
  2. Hey Long post alert!! I have a 06 Impreza with a problem with the secondary air intake pump. I owned the car for 3 months before the engine management light came on. I had a diagnostic done & it shows a problem with the pump. I Initially took my car to a Subaru dealer who ran a diagnostic & said that I needed the pump replacing. After further investigation they said that the pump was working so they replaced a relay which didn't solve the problem. It's important to say at this stage that I have a de-cat exhaust & the car has had a full stage 1 remap. I then decided to take my car to a different local place which specializes in tuning & performance. They said that the pump wasn't working so they have removed everything to do with the pump & I had asked them if they could blank out the pump within the ecu. They are not Subaru specialists & said that I may need a remap to do this & they would investigate things further with another company. I thought I would ask on here to see if anybody had the same problem & how it was dealt with. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi I bought my 1st Scooby in Sept 2015. It has a full decat exhaust system which unfortunately failed MOT emissions test! The engine management light came on the day before MOT so thought I would put through MOT anyway & see what came up. Emissions reading were as follows Fast Idle Test CO: 0.563 Fail HC: 51 Pass Lambda: 0.999 Pass Second Fast Idle Test CO: 0.672 Fail HC: 44 Pass Lambda: 0.992 Pass Natural Idle Test CO: 0.650 Fail I had a scanner on to see the fault codes. 2 codes P1410 & P2433. This suggested the secondary air intake pump & was advised from my local garage to take to Subaru specialist. Booked into Subaru for diagnostic (£85) WOW!!! EXPENSIVE!! They also suggested same fault. They stripped it down and found out that it was fine. They suggested replacing a relay which they have now done. Checked emissions test again & said it was still high. Also mentioned that having no cat was going to make a big difference & probably won't pass an MOT without one. They have suggested having a pre-cat fitted at turbo end . The question that I would like answered is: is all my emissions trouble going to be resolved by having a pre-cat fitted & will it pass MOT after? It is obviously going to be an expensive job & I'm worried that I will spend a lot of money to not resolve the problem. With my Scooby at Subaru it is costing me a small fortune!! Up to £300 already & nothing fixed!! Any help/advice will be appreciated. Thank You
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