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  1. Hi my name is justin and I am trying to help a young disabled man and a friend please read and help if you can as I just can not help financially no more thanks Hi. This page has been set up to help Dan, a young, disabled, man, to get back to his work helping others.Just as Dan was getting back on his feet, working to help others, he was the victim of callous thieves.Dan was doing good for others; he was helping other disabled people. He was paying kindness forward. The selfish act of stealing his tools, and wrecking his van, and stealing all of his tools has stopped his kindness and shattered his confidence. Please help us rebuild, not just his ability to be a handyman again, but his confidence.A little background:My work mates, myself and our friends have helped, and supported, Dan for 5 years. In this time, we taught him the skills needed to be a handyman/builder. We have taken him out on jobs, where he worked hard and got stuck in. With our help Dan got into college. Between us we got his confidence up. We gave him some of our tools, as well as buying him new ones. The van that was destroyed in the theft was given to him by me. Dan was doing good; he was going out on jobs to other disabled people and doing work for them at cost. He wasn’t doing this for profit, this was to help him by helping others. This has all been stopped by one cruel, thoughtless act.Your donation is much appreciated, and will go towards ‘paying it forward’ . Thank You https://gofund.me/9b00b171
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