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  1. thanks bud will do 1st thing tomorow
  2. not many breakers near me have any classic impreza's but the car has had all its brakes renewed part from those 2 bits
  3. Hi guys wonder if anybody can help looking for parts 7 and 8 on the diagram anybody got a part number
  4. when is it bud ?? would love to bring it along
  5. thanks guys picked it up today and it did not disapoint me great car it been very well looked after drives great
  6. thanks bud cant wait to get it in my drive
  7. lol yeah the focus a 1.8 way a few tweaks the impreza a fellow members old 1 he has a 54 plate wrx now
  8. Thanks guys and here a pic of my new toy and the car it replacing
  9. Hi guys am David from Glasgow and have just bought my 1st Impreza its a Micka green turbo 2000 pick it up on thursday have got pics but photobucket dosent want to work lol
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