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  1. Thanks guys! Having read lots of posts over the last few days relating to Option Codes am I right in saying that the (in my case) ELC code I have doesn't actually relate a letter to an option, but a set of options available for the car at that time? For example, I would assume that ELC option code is for Electric Windows, remote central locking, ABS, Driver & Passenger airbags - this is on an imported STI V6 MY00. Looking forward to catching up at a meet some time soon!
  2. Thanks for the compliments guys - always appreciated when others like your car! Hi to THE DON ?- can you help with the OPTIONS CODE ELC ??? Thanks - would be nice to know..... To clarify a few things: The paintwork is great all around the car but there are a few marks (couple of pin dents, scratches, rub marks, stone chips and a very few minor bubbles on rear wheel arch and as they tend to rust from inside to out I want to get it all checked, repaired and repainted before it gets worse but don't want parts painted here and there but a full respray to keep it going for another 20 years.) The engine - nothing wrong in this department whatsoever, only covered just over 70k, the block needs a respray, a service and check over, replace a few bits with some dress up options and a dyno test. Depending on the results and the ECU may look to add a few extra horses. Happy to drive to wherever to get the work done, I'm in the South East, Sussex way, so a Midlands trip is feasible, etc. Recommendations appreciated. A little history - I owned a 1979 10th Anniversary TransAm before this which I put trust in a specialist garage to undertake a refurb, it didn't go well and a settlement was eventually made and the car was (now) regrettably sold. I definitely don't want this to happen again, especially to my STI - it was partly my fault as it was a distance thing and I trusted them too much, it was only when I paid a surprise visit a few months later after numerous calls to chase up the completion of the works that the full horror became apparent. Wasn't too sad for too long though as I had already bought Scoob's! ? Thanks in advance. Ray
  3. Saying hi! New to forum but not Scooby's. Only owned the one Subaru Impreza but purchased it new in March 2000, so now owned for over 20 years...... It's an MY00 WRX STI Version 6 GC8G4ED in steel grey, code 86F. Imported brand new from Japan by specialist importer in Alton. With a blue printed engine and gearbox, uprated suspension and brakes it's quick, very quick. With no other modifications it has a 0-60 time of 4.6 secs and a top speed way above 70mph. Looking at the Vin code it is a Japanese vin GC8 090227, Phase 2 engine EJ20 7 DW 2PR and transmission type TY754VBAAA. The turbo is a VF28 9908. Trim code 830. The only code I'm not sure what it depicts is the OPTION CODE ELC - I assume electric windows, aircon and ABS maybe - can anyone confirm please. Thanks Although the car is in very good condition (always stored in a heated garage), there are a few blemishes that I would like to resolve to the paintwork and may be looking at a ground up respray, a major engine overhaul and dyno test, plus a couple of other interior bits and pieces - who would you guys recommend to carefully restore your pride and joy? Thanks Here is a recent photo.....
  4. As title - hoping someone here may have some info on my Scoob's: I might be new on here (just joined) but I have owned my Scoob's from new, April 2000 - It's a 2000 WRX STI Version 6 with blueprinted engine and gearbox (gearbox is short shift) - all works were done by the Japanese STI rally group (as I understand it) and it comes with carbon strutts, uprated brakes and suspension and lots of power! For insurance purposes it is registered around 375 BHP and travels 0-60 in 4.6 seconds with a top speed estimated around 170 mph. Over the years I have gradually dragged up the mileage to just 70k and the only thing different from the day I bought her is she now wears black alloys rather than gold, still the original wheels though! If anyone has got any more info on this car be glad to hear it. From what I understand, about 2000 STI V6's where produced and only a handful got the blueprint treatment - be cool to find out if this is the case. Just in case some of you guys and girls may have seen us cruising over the years, blue/grey colour with reg W5 RAY we are saying hello! Thanks Ray
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