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  1. Ha ha! Yer, all good here....same sh1t, different day. Currently awaiting the arrival of sprog number 2...should be fun. Here's hoping it sorts itself out well for you!
  2. Christ, it ain't half quiet in here! Hope your doing well Ian?
  3. Shame to see the ex-Squirrel car end up like this...... http://www.copart.co.uk/c2/homeSearch.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e1s2&lotId=27002441&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS
  4. They both will work the same way mate. It's just the positioning that's different.
  5. Dump valve and BOV are one and the same thing fella. I thought you'd have looked up how to fit the intercooler before buying it? It's a do-able job, but requires modifying a few pipes and stuff. Not a quick or straight forward job, but certainly will work ok.
  6. Sounds strange....gearbox sitting down a bit too much at the rear, or not flush against the engine?
  7. Good luck mate! Hope all goes well for you guys over there.
  8. Nice one. Always reckoned 450 in a classic, was around the perfect amount of hp for the road. Apologies to the OP for the hijack.
  9. Aye no bad....same sh1t, different day. Longing for another scoob, even though i'd never afford bein able to run it. "Updates" coming then i take it? Making it faster than Colins paperweight?
  10. How you getting on Johnny? Motor going well?
  11. Yer, you'll need a sensor and controller for that to work. http://www.defi-shop.com/index.htm
  12. For pod, i never found a 3 gauge pod i liked for the dash, so suggest a pillar pod. I've always fitted the pressure sensor at the existing one, as it's simple, easy and CLEAN. Fitting a sandwich plate means changing the oil, but it can get a bit messy. For the temp sensor, i removed the plug to the right(IIRC)ontop of the block, then drilled and tapped a thread to suit.
  13. Any gauge is(or should be) fine and the look is down to yourself. I think it's a bit expensive though...would rather spend a bit more for a Defi. Mechanical has a pipe coming from whatever take-off you use and straight into the back of the gauge, whereas an electric has a sender inbetween. Personally i prefer mechanical, but there isn't much wrong with electrical.
  14. The thread where i was sellin it in says 58k, so knock 1k off for running engine in and maybe 5k tops before that....i didn't do many miles at all. At that, it's gotta be around 50-55k anyway. Looks like it still has the Revolution backbox...?
  15. No receipts i'm afraid no. New MAF is always a good thing!
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