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  1. this Is ****ing nuts used to spend days on here.
  2. would a vf43 fit in to a 2002 sti and whats the difference between it and the vf35
  3. can i get it repaired any one local in aberdeen
  4. not really intrested in changing my injectors. what has happened is when i was taking off my std up pipe one of the bolt holes on the turbo housing flange split and thats why i am asking for options dont know what to do.
  5. my car is an 2002 sti ej20
  6. what size of injectors? and what kind of price we looking at? for got to say i will be running 3" decat, equal length headers and up pipe, 76mm aps cai, silcone turbo inlet pipe, walbro 255iph,NGK PFR 7B spark plugs and a 4.75kg lightweight flywheel.
  7. right thinking of changing my turbo on my car. the turbo on my car is ihi vf 35.i am looking for quicker spool up and still a not bad a top end whats your thoughts guys.
  8. as stated above the flange on the up pipe on the turbo
  9. alright guys had a mistake the day was taking off my std headers and when i came to take off my last two nutss off the turbo the bloody flange on the turbo to the up pipe split bloody nightmare any ideas what to do as the turbo only has 42000 miles on it?
  10. as title says. been looking on Perrin web site at cai and I noticed the have 2 types one with normal size and 1 says big maf so I was just wondering what's the pros and cons between these and what parts would I need to change to fit the big maf one to my car.
  11. as the title above says looking to buy some headers and trying to find out some stuff about them so whats the differance i know about you lose the noise of the subaru but is there any real differance between them performance wise i.e or run ability wise?????????
  12. thank f u c k this has come up. can we not start a david bellamy army and boot this govement out and put him in. i am sick to the back teeth off this dribble about climite change, i have worked on rigs most of my days and do the lights ever go off no so its ok to take s h i t out the ground and burn energy like no tomorrow but if you pay tax on it its ok one word says it all BULL****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. see other post i.e limp mode and look up on scobypedia it will tell you how to do and ecu reset
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