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Exeter Car Show

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Hi heard there`s a car and fun show in Exeter on the 21st of april in aid of cancer research I think, anybody know more ? cheers gary

rip off the on facebook

Hi guys, we are hosting a Car Show at Alphington Football Club to help raise funds for the Youth Teams to take part in a Tournament in Spain. Every young lad likes a good car to look at, so we need to get you involved.

Youth Teams from all over the world will be gathering in Spain for an International tournament. They are raising funds to help get them there for June this year and have so far participated in a Sponsored Bike Ride, Sponsored Aerobathon (which consisted of several hours of constant aerobics!), they have also taken on leaflet dropping, car boot sales etc.

On the day there will be many games for children to play, food, drink, cheap bar, cakes stands, and of course we shall be selling our stickers.

All we need is approximately 40 - 60 cars to get involved and show. Cost will be just £1 per car of which will be donated to the club. If you would like to show your car please, please post on the wall or inbox us. Please be aware, show numbers are limited and so we will need to pick the best cars if we are over subscribed.

Please let me know if you can attend as I would love to help giving the boys the opportunity to something so great!!

Please be aware. cars on the pitch is weather permitting. if the grass is wet we will have to cancel as we cant damage the pitch.

12-4pm this will be on mate hope that helps

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