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Its Been A While, Does Anybody Still Meet Up?

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I have not been on here in ages as i have been away in other countries doing different things!! Im currently not driving my subaru as im unable to,due to my injuries i sustained in Afghanistan, but i still own it and still exremely interested in them. Since being back in the worcestershire area i have noticed that there are alot of subarus of all different types and ages, had one bell end driving up my ass a couple of weeks ago whilst i was driving my other car giving it big licks, if only he knew that my subaru at home would destroy his. So im thinking we need to sort a meet or something around the worcestershire area, if anyone has any idea or ought just type them up on here!!! cheers tom neathway

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Hi Thomas, I did wonder what had happened to you of late, hope you are well.

It's been a long time since the last official worc's meet, nobody was interested, thats why i stepped down from the position.

I see on the new updated R.O list that you have put yourself forward for the worc's position.

All i can say is good luck, and hope you can get people to actually make the effort to attend, Im more than happy to attend a local meet and support your effort and time.

Hope to see you again soon Lee :D

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alright tom, yer we have been meeting up in the evesham area for the last 6months we have 7 scooby owners turn up not just from the evesham area redditch and stratford aswel and also do the odd convoy around local area went to wales last weekend for a blast round the valleys,so next time there a meet will send a message to you,to come down

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