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Psi3, Newage Sti Wheels, Camera Detector Mirror, Gauge Pod And More

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Afternoon KS. I've just put the following up for sale on SN. I'm based in Medway so some of might be of interest to you. The thread on SN is http://bbs.scoobynet.com/private-sale-gene...tml#post8917204

Contact me here or there. Thanks :thumbup:

Hello all. I've needed to clear out for a while and now that I'm moving I've got the impetus to do so. All items located in Medway, Kent. As per the rules there is a price on each item, but I will consider any reasonable offers you have. However, should someone offer the asking price then it's theirs. You are welcome to pick up any items. Postage will be at cost and for the wheels I'd ask you to please arrange your own courier (plenty advertise on e*ay).

My inbox is empty, so ask any questions here or PM me there. Thanks :thumb:

A-Pillar Gauge Pod - *SOLD*

Takes 3 x 52 mm gauges, for right hand drive new-age cars. It's designed to fit over the existing A-Pillar and then be secured by the four screws and screw covers seen below. I've not used the screws at all. I had it attached for a while using Velcro. Perfect condition with a very small hole near the top where you can screw in an alarm sensor.



Bugeye STI 17" Wheels - £225

4 genuine STI wheels that WILL fit over Brembo brakes. They are 17" x 7.5" JJ and come with tyres. The tyres are Dunlop Sport SP01 225/45/17 and have around 3 mm of tread left. They passed an MOT about 5 days before I took them off the car. I'd suggest they'd be good for maybe 1 track-day. The wheels themselves are in pretty good condition - no cracks, bends or breaks and only a light kerbing on 3 of the 4. I've photographed these areas too.


Wheel 1




Wheel 2




Wheel 3




Wheel 4



PSI3 Data Unit - *SOLD*

Most of you know what these do by now. Unfortunately, the company that used to make them seems to no longer be in business. These items are cracking and plug straight into the OBDII port under the steering column. No extra power or wiring required. You can even diagnose and reset ECU CEL with these. Will read and display items such as battery voltage, boost, intake temp, coolant temp, engine speed, injector duty, ignition advance, etc, etc. If you use DEFI senders you can also get it to read oil temp./press.. I have a printed manual for it as well, though someone on here may still have a PDF version. This is the LCD version and the reason for sale, as you can see in some photos, is that I have installed a PC with touch-screen in the double DIN slot available and it can read the OBD port. So simply surplus to requirements.






Dash Top DIN Housing - *SOLD*

For newage cars this is the upper housing for placing a DIN sized device (headunit, gauge cluster, PSI3 unit) in place of the clock. I'll point out that this is missing the metal base plate, which the more industrious of you could devise. It's Subaru OEM so will match the dash perfectly.



Newage Clock Housing - £10

Housing for the clock of a newage vehicle. No clock included. It has a hole drilled in the top for an alarm warning light or anything similar.


STI Front Wheel Bearings - £30 each

Front wheel bearings to fit newage STI (6 speed) for the 5x100 PCD size. Each complete with bearing, clips and seals.


STI Radio Brackets - £5

These are the brakets that allow you to bolt a double DIN unit or a cage to suit 2 single DIN units into the dash. From a JDM Bugeye, but should fit up to Hawkeye.


Eclipse 10" Subwoofer - £100

Cracking quality high-end subwoofer that just hasn't seen any use. Still very stiff in it's housing as it hasn't been driven hard. I originally bought 2 from frayz off here some time ago. I have made a custom fibreglass housing for one, which is in my Impreza, but the other has just sat around since. Impedence of 8 Ohms.



GPS Speed Camera Mirror - *SOLD*

This is something a bit different. It's less than a year old and like the PSI3 above have become redundant because of the PC I've installed. It's a wide angled mirror that has GPS built in, which displays via a smartly camouflaged LCD in the mirror face. The LCD will tell you speed, direction and distance to speed cameras. The mirror also announces warnings to you. It will also integrate with any radar or laser device you have and act a central single warning system. Very clever. Have a look here for the product website Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd > GPSmirror

It's in perfect condition. USB cable, cigarette power cable and software CD (to update the camera database) all included. I also purchased from Cheetah Advanced Technologies their power cable to hard wire the mirror in for a nice flush install, but this is still packaged and never been used. It is also included.

Just a note to whoever buys it - the very first time you switch it on it can take about 15 minutes to find a GPS lock. Every subsequent time takes seconds. It threw me the first time, but it's in the manual and the product FAQs (it's normal).




R/N/S Light For Bugeye - £10

I had someone crack the bumper and light on the car not so long ago and so purchased a new rear end that included both lights. This one just wasn't needed. It's from a UK Bugeye WRX.


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