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Backbox - Remap?

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I am looking for a new backbox as I want to remove the 5" exit and get something a bit smaller and possibly quieter but still have my burble!

I have a full magnex system on it and both cats are deleted so that would contribute to the volume no doubt. I thought it was a 3" or 3.5" but a garage said to me it's 2.5" so can I just get a standard STI exhaust or maybe a Prodrive? Is 2/5" the standard bore?

Also - if I only change the backbox will I need to remap or is that not a requirement? The car has an Ecutek and Andy F remap just now so don't want to upset it in any way.

It's a newage WRX I have.

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Excellent news :( Now I just need to see who has one going cheap :angry: Also spoke to Steve Whitson a few mins ago and he said the same.

Would I still have my burble even with a standard STI or ProDrive box then? SInce it's already mapped and de-catted?

PM me if you have a backbox that would suit pls guys - I'll post in Wanted too :P

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Argh, should've fired mine up for you with my nice quiet subtle one for comparison for you and to hear that's burble...would've been good just to see it still starts as well !

I have the standard WRX one somewhere but doubt you'd want to go quite that quiet !!

I may have this wrong but did I read somewhere recently that maybe Arch and/or RS Grant may have standard ones lying about ??

Take it you're checking over scoobynet too.

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pm me a price pls bobby...will that be pretty quiet or will I still have my burble? :angry:

Give gus a call mate can't recommend his mates stuff enough


Aye I have Gus's PM about a back box but I am trying to get one cheaper as I have had to get the front bumper resprayed and buy 2 new back tyres after my little skidding/crashing incident :(

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