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School Bus Driver Kills Child

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I read an article in a Greek newspaper some years ago about a school bus driver who drove the same route for twenty years. The bus was an old diesel bus and for many years the parents had petitioned the local council to supply a new bus.

One day after picking up the children from school to take them home, the bus driver was driving down a long twisting mountain road when he realized that the brakes on the bus where failing. The bus was increasing in speed and so he used the handbrake to slow the bus down, but as the road was so steep the handbrake only held up for a little time and the brakes finally gave up. He managed to get the bus into first gear but being an old diesel engine he was unable to switch it off. Even in first gear the bus's speed continued to increase.

Now the driver knew the road very well and he also knew that further down the road just before the next bend was a gate that lead into a field. If he could just get the bus into the field he would be able to stop it.

As he came around the bend he could see the field gate 400metres in front of him, sitting on the gate was the little boy that every day waved to the bus driver and the children. Now the driver knew that if he didn't drive through that gate he wouldn't be able to steer the bus around the next bend and he would kill all the children on the bus.

So the driver chose to drive the bus, sounding his horn to which the little boy just kept on waving, through the gate killing the little boy instantly.

The bus driver was taken to Court and at the trial it was revealed that the little boy that sat on the gate and waved at the bus each day was the bus drivers only son.

That's love for your fellow man.

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