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'03 Plate Red Forrester 2.0 Xs

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I would just like to thank the moron in the above car who overtook me and some old codger in a Nissan Micra last night on my way home between Newburgh and Cruden Bay.

The fact that the old guy in front of me nearly crapped himself when you pulled in so quickly in front of him was bad enough but the fact that you passed us both going round a blind corner really fcukin hacked me off. Did you think i was sittin behind the old guy doing 40mph because i wanted to? I contemplated turning in behind you at Cruden Bay golf club and stickin yer clubs up yer a***hole but you would probably have enjoyed that!!

I hope your next ****e is a bag of broken glass ye ******! :wave::driving::whistle::censored::redcard:

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