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Prostreet Drag

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We have our 'Pro-street Drag Series' coming up soon so if you want to attend on either the 5th and 6th September for Round 4 or the 17th and 18th October for Round 5 then here's what you have to do...!

1. Register for free on http://www.prostreetdragseries.co.uk and then post up in the 'Enter Here' section to be assigned a race number.

2. Make sure you have a vehicle with seatbelts, suitable clothing, full drivers licence and a crash helmet which is always recommended if you have a soft top or a vehicle that runs quicker than 11 secs or faster than 100mph over the quarter mile! After each run you will be issued with a certificate of speed showing important run data!

Admission is £12 per person per day or £22 for weekend pass

RWYB Track is £20 per person or £35 for a weekend.

P.S If you do want to attend us for the pro-street, please drop us an email entitled 'Prostreet drag series' telling us your names, the number of people signing up and for which weekend it is!

Thankyou! :)

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