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Denners Cleaned Subarus

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Hope you don't mind Matt, seems original post place isn't that well visited to show off your nice shiny vehicles ! :rolleyes:

Link to Matt's original post : http://forums.sidc.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=136205

No machining (well just a tiny light bit where I pointed out to a horrified Matt some marks he'd never noticed before on his saloon) was requested/carried out on either car - maybe one day Matt!. Request was for more of an intensive valet.

Few after pics, unfortunately not any quality before ones taken, was too eager to get stuck in to them.

The wagon turnaround was much more obvious with the daily drive having general tired paint and trim(and an interior frequented by a cat at some time I think). Plenty lifted out of the paintwork to leave a nice finish, well I think anyway and more importantly so did Matt & his girlfriend.



The Turbo was already looking pretty good (reason Matt chose this crackin fairly standard example) so was just to make sure of clean paintwork, a bit more shine and the all important protection added.




Nice to meet you Matt, maybe see you along at an event in the future.

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