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A Few Next Stage Mod Questions

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planning in my next stage of mods on my wagon and looking for some advice.

I've recently upgraded the brakes - discs n pads from Godspeed, new hoses etc too. i want to move on to the suspension next (then move onto more power) but do it in stages so i can feel the progression of the bits i add on. anti lift kit and geometry setup next. not taking this car on the track (i say this now but) so do I need to go down the arb route? don't really want a twitchy back end but do want be able to throw the car into a corner without the roll and not to s**** myself.

looking to upgrade the exhaust too but don't want anything too loud (motor way drone) but a nice grumble would be nice ;) sure this has been asked number of times and I've read quite a few posts that talk about exhausts and the different sizes of pipes - i have no idea about this s**** so i imagine i am talking about a new backbox and not bolting bits togther? any suggestions? pp exhaust?

probably a stupid question but what are the best rims to put on a wagon? :huh: think i am limited to 17" with my new brakes - like the look of those speedlines and the gb270 style also. any good links to 'wagon wheel' posts anyone?

sure there was some other noob questions i had....

cheers in advance..

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