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Car Detailing And Dent Removal

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Spoke to a couple of peeps about this at the nott cuts meet, but anyway a company i do work for 2 members of staff a leaving one guy will be doing car detailing £150 a car (10 hours on the car £15 an hour) the other guy will be doing dent removal (£40 a car depend on the severaty of damage), he does it at his current job but is going solo, spoke to them both today as Big Jay metioned about club discount, well Paddy the detailer said that fully paid members will get a good discount and registered users will still get a discount but not as big, they are going to do me a price list along with contact details, once I have these will post them up, and see if Granby could put a sticky up, but just wondered if there is any interest. Let me know as they are eager to get started, and told them that you are all good boys n girls :P

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silly question but what EXACTLY would be done £150 detailing? is this just a car exterior was n polish. or are we talking the full monty inside, outside, engine bay, fine tooth comb, ear bud cleansing...... peoples interpretation of a "clean" car differs so to speak.

I have no issues with the price but could do with knowing what they plan to do for it please. :thumbup:

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Car detailing is just external, dont know full specifics but I do know he uses zymol wax which is over £250 a pot, will be getting a full list of what is involved, i will be getting him to do my car so if anyone wants to have a look at his work then they are more than welcome to come and give my car a look over when he is done, will prob wait till the warmer weather though.

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