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I posted a thread on this last year when my brother in law delivered to the Essex airstrip for the film crew. Ben collins was there with the White race suit on, but then So was J.K!! apparently there are about 5 or 6 current race and car enthusiasts that voulenteer their time and expertise to be the 'STIG'

If you watch the car tests, taken from various episodes, youll notice that the lines and driving styles change a lot. That kinda throws weight to the argument that it is different people.

Also there is another guy with dyed blonde spiky hair that also plays stig every now and then but they are the only three i know of that have been seen in the 'STIG' suit.

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Well it's safe to say that yes there are several 'STIG'S' used... I've worked with two of them and know a third who works with a friends company...

Not sure that Ben Collins is the most used of stig's?? Think sometimes the media and the BBC throw out a rumour to create some gossip?? Slow news day maybe??

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