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Im Going To Kill My Scooby

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why is it that they cant make it simple to get parts for yer scoobs.

all i need is a cv joint but there seems to be loads of differant ones grrrrrrrrrr. :guinness:

I rang cotswold subaru to get the exact cv joint i needed but they wanted around £240+ so just bought one of ebay! there was soo many 2 choose from it was a pain! didnt even end up fittin it either!

but my advice is to ring cotswold subaru for part number etc


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ok, thanks for the info.

this is my first scooby. and im tryin to not let it put me off lol.

i have had nothing but problems with it.....

cheers all :guinness:

Take it a step at a time and being a member on here is great as we have a wonderful technical section where peeps are always willing to help - i can say that from first hand experience

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