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  1. Hi all, 

    ive recently purchased the killer b oil pickup and baffle plate due to the horror stories I’ve heard about engines going BANG!! thought it best to strengthen things up! 
    ive given the car to my Machanic to have work done but he ran into trouble with fitment apparently I need an extra spacer for the up pipe and I thought this was only needed with the killer b oil pan I’m only using the OEM pan! Car is WRX-S hatch 

    Any help much appreciated 


  2. Sweet cheers for clearing that up! In order to tune mine up am I looking at a chip/re map with a tuner? Gather I’ll have to have exhaust and a 3 port boost solenoid on vehicle ready for that too! Can I still run a cosworth panel filter in the air box? 

  3. Hey guys still currently running the afterburner more than a year on lol 

    had clutch & lightweight flywheel fitted plus oils shortly after the last post and this year has seen full service, cambelt/water pump/thermostat, plus under-sealing and white line rear anti roll bar with drop links! Also got the Killer b oil up pipe and baffle plate to fit in the sump! 
    moving on from that was thinking of getting a cobb ACCESSPORT v3 and replacing entire exhaust system with a 3inch from cobb or invidia? 
    any suggestions 

  4. Hi guys does anyone know where I can get an cobb accessport v3 for a hatch wrx-s? I know demen-tweeks sell them but when I put in model it says not compatible? When I watch YouTube vids it normally revolves around a hatch or newer! 
    also what set ups are people running with these ports? 
    I’m currently only running white line rear anti roll bar and drop links plus scoobyworld after burner exhaust cat back 2.5 inch 

    was thinking of upgrading to cobb or invidia 3 inch down pipe with cat and exhaust system? 
    Any suggestions much appreciated 

  5. Sorry yeah it is the afterburner sounds great on boost still quiet but I've still got the standard middle section on need to replace it really but then thought I'd completely change the whole system! 

  6. Hi all, does anyone know what wheel sizes I can get away with on my WRX-S hatch was thinking of getting a spare set for winter also does anyone know where’s best place to get alloys and what winter tyres are best 

    many thanks 


  7. Hi all

    I've got a WRX-S Hatchback and was wondering if anyone can verify if it's the middle silencer that makes the car so quiet also any local club/meets to the rickmansworth area? 

    Much appreciated


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  8. 23 hours ago, t5nyw said:

    Yes brembos are an upgrade as yours is a WRX you’d need to get PCD 100 version which Is off a Sti 01-04 uk car. 

    Sti 05 has PCD 114 

    brembo are bulky so depends on size of wheel and webbing  of wheel  



    Is that a straight fit front and rear or do I also need special brackets?  Also having wheels refurbished so be a great idea to put some new rubber on what’s best tyre these days? 


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  9. Need to get some better pics done weather not helping tho! Ones at home but used a filter sorry bout that and other is at work! Does anyone know how many of these models were actually built? Also best brake upgrades I’ve heard either Brembo or STI callipers are good upgrades? 



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  10. Much appreciated guys will do just that got few cosmetic bits to do the fella who had car before me proper beat the wheels up so thought I’d get them done and maybe get callipers done and brakes at same time! Also is anyone good with head units cause I’m having trouble trying to fit a kenwood dmx7018dabs into car! If someone recommends a different one that is easy to fit I’m all ears! 



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  11. On 16/05/2019 at 07:22, ScoobieFloz said:

    Hi Karl,

    Welcome to SIDC. 

    What are you looking to modify? More power, better handling or styling?


    Looking at more power and better handling. I know my car has had the ECU and exhaust upgraded by prodrive but would you still map over it and get another exhaust? 

  12. Hi all, 

    I’m very new to all this so just checking in I currently own an IMPREZA WRX-S I know these didn’t get a lot of great reviews but am looking to get some mods done! Just don’t know where to start! 

    Any help much appreciated 


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