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  1. Hey All, Can someone please advise, if the temperature gauge position is correct? It sits there at that same spot, after warming up, gentle driving and giving her the beans... lol. On my 98 V70 R, the gauge sits bang on in the middle... yet to inspect the Thermostat etc but thought I'll get an second opinion before I start looking..
  2. Hey Pal, Where I picked the car up from the first one with the BMW - Yorkshire. The other ones are in Birmingham, you local mate ??
  3. Shes a bloody beauty mate!! ... and thank you for the warm welcome ?
  4. She came with a SIDC sticker .. ?! Hope someone here knows this car?
  5. Hey All, Purchased my first Subaru 2 days ago, a 2002 Impreza STi Type UK Prodrive Style Edition. I am new and learning along the way - expect silly questions guys so forgive me in advanced lol! Looking forward to meeting you all when meet ups happen. Until stay safe all and enjoy the fantastic weather!! Bugeye Loc. Picture of me baby - still yet to name lol:
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