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  1. Hi with lock down I've hardly put any miles on the car which I bought in September 2020, @ 4,000 miles. It's a hawkeye WRX STI type UK 56 plate with about 92K on the clock now. I've been plagued with niggly problems which I anticipated as I've always owned older cars. Some have been nothing to do with the car like a garage doing the locking wheel nuts up so tight the lock nut to undo them stripped out. Last weekend was the first time I've been on a long (500 mile round trip ). The oil use has been a concern for some time. But I had no choice but to us the car as my daily runner (ST170 was off the road). On arrival @ 250 miles I checked the oil to find it wasn't even registering on the dip stick. I drove around locally and had to top it up, I drove it home and had to top it up. There was no low oil warning. I haveb't been able to give the car a proper check however it needed topping up again on arrival home. There are no tell tale signs on the drive, there is no mayonnaise under the oil filler, the dip stick or the coolant cap. There is however which I haven't seen before a sooty black residue in the tail pipe. There are no obvious leaks on the engine at casual site. I've taken the car off the road untill I can resolve the issue. No error codes. Oh one thingI'm sure when I first heard the car I never the dump valve all of a sudden not that long ago I started to hear it. Also my boot no longer wants to open with the handle in the cabin all of a sudden, unless I put weight on the boot lid, the boot lock never worked and I can't even get the key fully inserted, can I just loosen the mechansism and tap it down a fraction? I'd really appreciate advice on this as I don't want the car just sat on the drive. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I've just bought. Although I'm still awaiting collection. A 56 plate WRX STI Type UK, 2.5L double rear spoiler . The car is in for a service, cam belt change and secondary air pump factory recall from the dealer along with a refurb on the wheels and a respray on the rear bumper, before collection. Because of "the event" of course everything is backed up. As far as I can tell the car is standard on the limited chance I've had to look it over. I had done some research before I bought the car. But there are a couple of things I'm curious about. Type UK I take to be an official UK car but did this have anything different from the imports. We used to have an imported Toyota Corolla complete with distress flare in the passenger footwell! Also what Bhp was the engine supposed to be putting out on this version?
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