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Subaru Impreza New Exhaust?

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Hi Everyone, I am thinking of upgrading my exhaust on a 2006 WRX 2.5L to the Hayward and Scott back box. Any thoughts? Good Idea? Bad Idea, stick with the standard? Does it get through its MOT, is it to loud on the Motorway? Don't want something that is going to make my ears bleed or have me pulled over by the police! Any advice welcome......... Thanks Gords

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Hi Conrod,  I had a tough choice on the engine rebuild, Len had a waiting list of about 6 months and then would need the car for 2-3 months, costs were about £6.5K pending final spec on forged items. In the end I went with my subaru dealer and they are swapping out the short engine, will take a week - going in on the 3rd of June, short engine just arrived from Japan and costs about £4.5K. In the end I couldn't really afford to keep ignoring the knocking and can't have the car off the road for that length of time, so will keep it standard and get 3 years warranty......... Think I am going to go for the H&S exhaust ....... cheers Gords

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