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New WRX owner

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Hi everyone,

I recently realised a childhood dream of mine and purchased my first ever Impreza.  For me, Impreza's have always been the car i've held above all others.  So to finally have one, parked on my drive, and at work, each day, getting to drive this dream car, is just a dream come true.  So yeah, wanted to introduce myself and say 'hi!'. 

As i've never owned a car like this (all my others have been standard run abouts like a 207, Megane etc) the anxiety sometimes kick's in with knowing if everything is right with it all the time etc.. But i'm loving it!  The car was very well kept by one owner for 14 years, and i'm immensley stoked on finding such a good example of one.

p.s I can't take any credit for the look of the car, as the previous owner did all that :) I think it looks awesome so am keeping it that way.

IMG_5714 - small.jpg

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:hi: Chris and welcome to The Subaru International Drivers Club!

Congratulations on achieving your childhood dream :banana:

Fantastic that you bagged such a good example 👌

It does look awesome, I don't see many rally liveried Scoobs in the wild much these days... Yours would fit right in perfectly at Rallyday :thumbs:

The SIDC will be attending Rallyday on Saturday 17th September 2022.

If your interested in joining us, there are lots of Membership perks to be had:

SIDC Full Membership Benefits

SIDC Forum Full Access

The SIDC forum has over 20,000 members and over 1 million posts and is still growing. With over 20 years of technical knowledge and experience that have been shared amongst our members the forum is an invaluable source of information as well as member discussion.

Club Meets & Discounted Show Tickets

SIDC organise and attend events throughout the UK to cater for all our members across the country. Club meets give members an opportunity to meet with other Subaru drivers in your local area, or on a larger scale, at one of our National events.

The SIDC has been to lots of very interesting places over the years, including Subaru's UK HQ for the Reveal of the Final Edition WRX STI Type UK back in 2017 and both Prodrive's old HQ and new HQ many times.

Track Days
In accordance with the club’s aim to improve members’ driving skills, we have affiliated with several other motoring clubs and have track days.

Events are fully marshalled and the emphasis is on fun, learning new skills and using the potential of your car in a safe environment (as opposed to on the road). You need a crash helmet.

(⚠️Audio Warning: Poor Quality Audio, Recommend No Headphones + Muting Video Below⚠️)

Full benefits comprise of:

  • Membership of a Subaru Club Officially recognised by Subaru UK
  • Club card holder with credit card style plastic Membership Card
  • Club stickers for your car
  • Discounted Show Tickets and full access to SIDC Club Stands which includes a place on the stand alongside fellow SIDC members, a gazebo to shade in with chairs and tables, plus free hot & cold refreshments
  • Discount scheme on Parts, Labour and Accessories at participating Subaru Dealerships
  • Discounted Subaru Insurance Schemes
  • Dedicated 'Full Members' Only Areas on the SIDC Forum
  • Eligibility to enter one of our Track Days

There are 2 Membership options available: 


Remember the closing date for Rallyday Club Tickets is Wednesday 31st August 2022 (Subject to availability - they may close bookings earlier if they sell out of Club Tickets)

Here's to many smiles per gallon! :driving:

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