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New project for my son and me

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Hi all.

Just bought a bugeye wrx. My soon is 17 and just getting into cars and we wanted a car with awd and a turbo. I have always admired the impreza and it is amazing to drive. We just need to decide what jobs need doing first. I don't have the first clue about upgrades so I'll have to get reading.



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:hi: and welcome to The SIDC Phill 👋

Congratulations on your recent Bugeye WRX purchase 🏎️

A great first area to start upgrades would be the handling and braking. If it doesn't already have an uprated rear anti-roll bar, that would be a very worthwhile upgrade to do. Plus, a front under bonnet strut brace in the engine bay, looks the part too! Combined, these two upgrades will tighten the car up nicely without compromising on ride comfort and ground clearance.

 What colour's your Impreza? 🌈

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It's dark green y reg. It has had some upgrades but I am not up to speed in everything yet. It does have the strut brace. Adjustable shocks. Stainless steel headers and decat exhaust. Some red bits under the bonnet I don't know what though lol. Oh and the seller told me it has the pro drive intercooler apparently. I am sure I will get to know what's what. It does have a knock from the rear roll bar drop link do maybe I will replace everything at the back.


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thanks, it ticked all the boxes so i had to have it. it was close, a good price (i think), got a few bits done and needs some doing and plus it stopped my son asking if i was going to get one, he does go on when he gets a bee in his bonnet. 

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