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Hi guys does anyone know where I can get an cobb accessport v3 for a hatch wrx-s? I know demen-tweeks sell them but when I put in model it says not compatible? When I watch YouTube vids it normally revolves around a hatch or newer! 
also what set ups are people running with these ports? 
I’m currently only running white line rear anti roll bar and drop links plus scoobyworld after burner exhaust cat back 2.5 inch 

was thinking of upgrading to cobb or invidia 3 inch down pipe with cat and exhaust system? 
Any suggestions much appreciated 

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I doubt if cobb accessport works on a UK WRX Hatch . You state "wrx-s" but are we talking the Prodrive upgraded UK wrx  ?? (just checked your previous posts so you probably are)

I only ask, as there is an actual narrow body version WRX-S  direct from the Factory which AFAIK didn't come to the UK.

Your MODEL NUMBER LABEL (model code on VIN plate) is most likely GHEAKFD or GHEBKFD.


On Cobb's website for the subaru edition v3 they state that.....

This Accessport is compatible with USDM vehicles only, please verify vehicle compatibility in Confirmed Applications.


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That would be my understanding - The Subaru Version (linked below), is designed for US ECU's/maps although they have moved into other areas/markets with some of their products.


The version on sale @Demon Tweeks (check the specification details) is for the Ford ST250 (C-AP3-FOR-001) which appears to be suitable for the UK version of the Fiesta.


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Sweet cheers for clearing that up! In order to tune mine up am I looking at a chip/re map with a tuner? Gather I’ll have to have exhaust and a 3 port boost solenoid on vehicle ready for that too! Can I still run a cosworth panel filter in the air box? 

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The WRXs  already comes with a Prodrive remap which can be tweaked /overwritten using Ecutek (if the ECU is unlocked) or  the map can be replaced with an opensource version.

If it's being remapped you can use any panel filter you like.

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