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Restore original radio/cd facia

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Hello all, I have an 06 WRX and over years have restored her/returned to from previous clown idiots ........ but now looking at radio facia where some dimwit has taken a hacksaw and put in a rubbish cdc. I want to restore to original - help!

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Not sure what you mean exactly.  The Newage Impreza doesn't have a radio facia per se. It has a surround, which is double DIN. the radio is fitted to a pair of mounting adaptors, whatever is fitted now they should still be there. The Standard cars had either a double DIN CD/Radio Cassette or a Radio/CD single DIN with a storage box with flap that mounted to the spare space onto the same double DIN side brackets.

06 WRX should have a double unit. Should be plenty about.  You talk of a hacksaw? Show us a picture? I suspect you probably need a DOUBLe DIN radio/CD/Cassette unit, a pair of mount brackets and bolts and also a centre panel replacement. They're difficult to get clean without buying the upper vents and gear lever surround as a set as a lot of older car owners upgrade and will pay good money for the later (05>~) parts.+


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