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I've just bought. Although I'm still awaiting collection. A 56 plate WRX STI Type UK, 2.5L double rear spoiler  . The car is in for a service, cam belt change and secondary air pump factory recall from the dealer along with a refurb on the wheels and a respray on the rear bumper, before collection.  Because of "the event" of course everything is backed up.  As far as I can tell the car is standard on the limited chance I've had to look it over. I had done some research before I bought the car. But there are a couple of things I'm curious about.  Type UK I take to be an official UK car but did this have anything different from the imports. We used to have an imported Toyota Corolla complete with distress flare in the passenger footwell!  Also what Bhp was the engine supposed to be putting out on this version? 

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

"Type UK" was used to distinguish it from grey imports brought into the UK via Cyprus, Malta and Mainland Europe by some of the big Car Supermarkets at that time.

The mention of a flare would suggest you possibly mean a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) import ??

If so the electrics in a UK car are much simpler, as since 2003 the JDM Impreza has run ever increasing amounts of canbus type systems, the main one being the Body Integrated Unit which controls various "body" electrical functions. 

In this repect the JDM cars are more similar to the USDM cars.

Also the JDM models remain as 2.0L engined models with twin scroll turbos whereas the UK/European/Australian models moved to 2.5L to keep compliant with Euro emissions regs.

Not sure what you mean by "double rear spoiler"  unless of course you are referring to the rear window vane,  which is standard on the Model Year (MY)06/07 Impreza STI.

i'm assuming a 56 Plate will be a MY07 ( 10th character of VIN will be a "7" ) if it's a 6 then MY06.

The standard OEM figures are

Power: 280PS (276 BHP)  Torque: 392 Nm


Should it be fitted with the Prodrive Performance Pack (PPP) these figures rise to

Power: 320 PS (316 BHP)  torque: 450 Nm

PPP details attached.




2007 STi PPP.pdf

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