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Japan Classic Sunday 2019 Gemert, NL

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Hi all! I've lurked for a few months now but not had anything to post until now! Done a bit of international driving in my Subaru to Gemert in the south east corner of the Netherlands from Scotland to the annual Japan classic sunday. Here are the Subs I spotted...

48252994742_2fb2b1f2cf_b.jpg20190707_143641 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252993037_2737ca04cd_b.jpg20190707_143621 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252908906_018df525d8_b.jpg20190707_140932 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252970222_9cdff77b2a_b.jpg20190707_140813 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252971592_50f52eb6e6_b.jpg20190707_140820 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252899156_47ea9a5c53_b.jpg20190707_140733 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252965567_b7a18e0d2e_b.jpg20190707_140702 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

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This one is mine!

48252540682_0e51955d58_b.jpg20190707_113710 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

Was slightly disappointed when I realised I had driven nearly 600 miles only to find I wasnt the only red 5 door Subaru at the show...

48252731026_19ddac157f_b.jpg20190707_124037 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

48252726131_c458487764_b.jpg20190707_124024 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr

So, er Hi! If you have nothing better to do have a look thru my gallery on flickr at the other jems at the show, LOL!

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Missed a bit!
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  • 4 years later...


I genuinely sign up to forums with good intentions of posting regularly but I am too easily distracted. With that in mind, here is a follow up to my 2019 show report..

my 2023 show report!

Subaru Brat Red BR-83-GS Subaru Forester 89-SJ-HV Subaru Forester XT Subaru Impreza stickers Subaru Impreza Turbo Bugeye 'Antisocial' Red Subaru Impreza Wagon Green

This crazy guy below showed us videos of his annual visits to Norway to bomb about on the ice...

Subaru Impreza WRS STi R874XSW White Subaru Impreza WRX Blobeye Blue SL-042-X Subaru Impreza WRX Blue

Want more?

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This one has a fascinating story you can read at www.subglobe.nl...

Subaru Outback BYR White XX-219-L 1000000km www.subglobe.nl Subaru Outback BYR White XX-219-L 1000000km

This belongs to a guy who runs a Dutch club called https://www.elkmerkwaardig.nl/ (means 'all makes welcome') so their stand was pretty interesting..

Subaru Leone 1.3 DX 55-XDP-8 Silver Subaru Legacy Subaru Imprezas at JCS 2023 Subaru Impreza WRX Hawkeye Silver Subaru Impreza WRX Blue ZG-FX-28 Subaru Impreza WRX Blue 2

And finally, mine...

My Red Subaru Impreza Turbo Wagon at JCS 2023

Yeah, changed the wheels since last time, LOL!

If its your sort of thing you can see pics of other cars there etc. you can see them on my flickr page...


I update it more often!

I promise to post more often, now we are a 2 Subaru home.

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Wow! Some trip all the way from Scotland :driving:

It looks like a great experience!

Super read and yeah awesome pics too 👍 

Cool you have come back with an update :cool:

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Yeah, saw that. Dont have time to go to that either!

Have to say, having had a look thru this website, there are a lot more interesting car shows in the UK than I realised.

I can hopefully make a few. Dont mind wandering about but I never know what to say to people at these things!

No-one cares about my car cos its not modified and isnt old enough to be 'classic' Lol!

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