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Howdie back in a scooby.

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  • 5 months later...

Still got it lol.

Sorn it for a month to tackle rear arch rust. Done myself looks ok from 10 paces. Stripped out all the rear boit plastics to inspect the turrets. Drivers dandy passenger side turrett ok but a rust patch on floor into turret. So treated with metal morphises and sealed up with primer and paint.

Struts out and again good clean up off any flakey paint rust treatment then generous application of waxoyl and stone chip.

Moved onto rear arms and subframes and much the same treatment. Taxed it this morning and took my ol friend out for a run to screwfix. What a great car. 

I missed it driving it so much.

Im looking for v7 sti wagon import to replace must be less than 90k. I missed 1 recently to slow to act.


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  • 5 months later...

another year another mot...WOOHOO passed straight through. 1 advisory for a repaired chip in windscreen.  6 years at standard power... gonna treat her to a remap at 21 yrs old and 92k. uppipe done. ordered panel filter and a fuji 340 lph pump and fuel filter. Then of to see Bob Rawle.  Exhaust still has the 2 cats and the exhaust is staying put just a tickle so weve got 260ish. My previous scoob i went mad and im not going down that rabbit hole. i was looking for an sti wagon...but the prices are silly imo atmo. 

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So ramair panel filter, new bosch fuel filter and Fuji racing fuel pump 340LPH fitted at weekend...

Drove to work monday and car awful over 5k..surging holding back and running awful.

limped it homeoff boost. Took another car to work tuesday and then swapped standard pump back in and all dandy again. Pump is no good. So here ends the modification of the wagon. Got the RX7 and Mx5 Turbo if  i want to drive a proper fast car. ill leave my Daily Wagon alone i see it as an omen. 😊 yeah just unlucky but peeved me off. ICP are telling me they have to test pump b4 refund...how about testing pump b4 you send it out? oh well she got a new fuel filter and air filter.  

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