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A Clean Up...

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Spoke to the wife and kindly asked her to give my engine bay a clean up as been sitting in the Bodyshop for a month, as she said she was bored and kindly helped and done not a shabby job at all.. here's a couple of pics...there's also another one when i was down at the TOTB on the Jap stand..going to get rid of the washer bottle get a smaller one and put it in the boot..The car at this moment in time is been primed for painting as has been stripped naked, and will be looking at putting the cage back in new gear shift kit and hand brake kit, and aliminium console waiting on SW coming up with some ideas so have lost a bit of weight now..will be ready for the 15th Nov will post pics once finished.. B):thumbup:


Thankyou (Baby) My Wife..

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