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Number Plates

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I have had lots of small plates some with fancy font some standerd. I got fed up of being pulled over by the police so went back to normal size and font. Just depends if police are in a mood or not. You would think they would have better things to do like stopping real criminals.

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I had this on my previous STi.

Never had a second look from any plod, but obviously I was lucky :P


Yep, thats a really small plate m8. Nice bug. :o

i had a motor bike size plate on mine and got pulled in a week got a 60 squid fine. :lol:


I had this 3/4 plate on my bugeye and never had any bother with the old bill. :lol:


Hi Barry. How goes it? Yeah really like that. Think its the one for me. 3/4 size. Cool. I ordered some back issues of Total Impreza and found your bug in one of the issues. Nice :)

Thanks for the comments and photos guys.

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It's really just luck when it comes to number plates. Along with the size, there are a lot with illegal spacing etc

but some traffic boys say that as long as they can read it, or ANPR can, then it's not an issue.

But it does leave you open for a ticket if your driving does something to make you stand out!

And it is an easy ticket for those who like doing traffic!!! :lol:

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I have this plate, i made it myself to fit the bumper mount exactly, characters are printed from vinyl by sticker company. The characters are 80% normal size, the spacing is similarly proportioned.

No problems as yet with the plod but I do carry a full size plate in the boot just in case!


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