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Come On Capital Scoobies


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I'll be going there after work as well. I live 5 mins away from Baker st, right beside Lord's cricket ground. You driving up?

Yeah will be driving up straight from work fingers crossed all is ok, as had fuel pump go on Edgware rd Friday, should be picking car back up tonight.

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you get your car sorted Rizla? Which garage did you take it to have the work done?

Yes mate all sorted for now, the guys at Hughbury Vehicle Services sorted it out, they are based in Rickmansworth. Nice chaps and have been working on Subaru's a while now. Most of the Bucks scooby crew have used them :thumbup:

Hopefully all well, give me a shout for the Ace Cafe meet if you fancy driving up on the day

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haha yeah yeah! Been Ace quite a few times though :(

In a bit of two minds about my Impreza (95 wrx jdm wagon) at the moment and just need to talk to people to help with the choice. Right now i'm thinking... Do I;

a: Mod my impreza for a bit more power

b: Save up and buy a new age

I've only ever been in 1 subaru and that's my own! I've never sat inside a new age scoob or been in any modded classic. Just want to see if there's any difference really. I might be asking for a shotgun ride when i'm there :lol:

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