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A249 Camrea Active Aparently

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sign is near the stockbury roundabout (m20) sittingbourne bound. i am bricking it, hope its all ok its 2 weeks then you get a letter is in not??

Oh i see i was going the other way, haven't them cameras been working for ages and yes it supposed to be within 2 weeks

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duno i pullled out of shell in a hurry and went past the cam thort Fuk! and did it the other day from the m20 roundabout towards the hill gay.

im just thinking ther is lots of them so mabe avrage speed?? they would of removed the 1s at the bottom of the hill if not.

ive seen them b4 but they wer tax camras and i was under the impression they have to have yellow markings even the m20 1s have that.

and the muppitotron can suck my cock im dislexic

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my yard is at stockbury just at top of detling the signs that are up are to let drivers know that the camera vans can now do you for seatbelts ,mobile phone and speeding if the operator sees you he can use the dvd to record and they use this as evidence against you so be carefull you dodgy lot . if you go to the kent and medway safety camera partnership it tells you all about it , just another way to get money of us :D p.s you can scuk mine aswell ;)

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more money i pay enuf tax off the v-power to fund anything the gov wants to do.

pisses me off

but on the upside i loose all my pints this month!!!! happy happy happy

bloody camras this country s going down hill fast! they do use the car enthusiast and the genral motorists, but let rapist work in schools and let out plane bombers whats up wid that.

btw how can you put the bit below your posts as in scoobytibs "nice to be back in a scooby"

that way the muppitotron can get it everytime i post

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