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Japbash Pics

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Beacuase of limited photos allowed B)

I don't know how many posts this will be over. But here goes.........

Hers is my input folks, hope you like them.

Just so you know, I have Hi-res files in case any one wants me to send them a file.

The picture below is a high res version of Scotts car, this took 2 minutes on its own to down load to photobucket, it took just 4 minutes to download the 80 pictures below that. Which will explain the resolution of them. I will endeavour to get the high res pictures downloaded and replace the lo res ones in the next few days. I just don't have the time right now to do that. Sorry folks, bear with me and it will get done though.


And now the lo res ones!

Early one morning..........










some time later...........












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