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Some Pics Of The New Car

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That's a cracking looking type-r mate. Not seen any like that before, and I love that front splitter in black. Is it a Jun?

thanks mate. yes, its a jun front spoiler, its a wee bit rough unfortunately, but my mate is going to repair and repaint it for me.... B)

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nice runaround scott

343bhp can't be bad for nipping to the shops :)

cheers...dont think it has as much as that mate, its standard apart from a decat exhaust, filter and apexi ecu....injectors are maxed out according to the hand controller, it should be getting 550s and a fpr fitted tonight and mapped tomorrow, so will see what it does then B)

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Car looks really good in the flesh scott.

Hope you get your mapping and fuelling sorted out then its medal to the metal :D


cheers Rich, car at hypertech just now, the injectors need an adaptor to fit which we dont have so they wont be getting done today, we r having to put a fuel pressure regulator on it so andy can map it, then get another map done in the future with the injectors fitted ;)

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Nice car scott, hope the map sesh goes well ;)

thanks mate... after not being able to get the injectors fitted we just fitted a fpr and andy made a few tweeks to the map to keep it safe, dunc is getting in the bits i need for the injectors to fit and andy also recommended a new lambda sensor would be worth getting, so once i get a date for a map can get the car booked in to have this done too....

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Nice looking car :P

Certainly a bit different style wise, Although, the black splitter is not for me I'd prefer it colour coded, the Spoiler looks ok though...

the front splitter is probably the worst point on the car, going to get it rubbed down and repainted properly, but im not wanting to spend a lot on it, its an everyday car which i told myself i wasnt going to modify :D a carbon lip spoiler might do nicely though.lol

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