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330s One Week On.

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I've only had it for a week, but I've done a couple of hundred miles in it. First thoughts are.

Creature comforts. Very impressed with the sat nav, keyless entry, cruise control.

Seats. Recaros just grab you and hold you real tight, not a lot of adjustment. you also feel very low in the car. set it too high and your knees hit the steering wheel.

Economy, Glasgow to Edinburgh at 75 MPH was returning 30.4 MPG amazing, but that is it, all set to intelligent. but then again, coatbridge to moodiesburn approx 7 miles took 6 Min's on back roads and returned 9 MPG set to sport sharp. so swings and roundabout.

Handling. very soft compared to the classic and even newage, but whileline will fix that. don't get me wrong it sticks to the road very well but you have to really commit to the corners.

Brakes. Very good but could do with slight improvements, better pads, braided hoses etc.

All in all. very good car and very cheap insurance for me with max no claims, IAM it was only £187 per year full comp.

So in-conclusion. A better starting point than the classic, blobeye and hawkeye cars I have owned.

Will start posting up details of my mods when they start, will not be doing any engine mod's ( I want to keep the warranty ).

So far all I done is fix intercooler fins and make a intercooler guard to stop the fins getting bent, prodrive oil cap and prodrive battery clamp. cleaned engine bay to get rid of most of that wax they spray everywhere.

I have loads of non performance parts to fit when they arrive, I have also started the ball rolling on the ken block graphics had a 2hr meeting with Underground deciding if we are doing the rally graphics or the gymkhana type ( just slight changes between them).

I will post some pictures as and when bits get done.


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sounds really good mate.............who are you insured with???????????? i'll need to be giving them a wee call to insure both scoobs and free up some more modding pennies!!!!

he's insured with the institute of advanced motorist same as me but you need to be an advanced driver to qualify.

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I'll be interested to see the Graphics, It'll be something different certainly to the normal SWRT graphics...

Also, Have you posted pics, I'll be honest and Say that I've not looked in the other thread about changing up cars for ages, so I dont know if theres pics in there...

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Good write up, car sounds like it's ticking all the right boxes.

Except maybe that fuel comsumption whilst on a spirited run!! (I think I prefer blissful ignorance when it comes to MPG)

The more I hear and read about the new hatch, the more I expect that it will be my next port of call after the blob.



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