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Where's Best For Tyre Changing?

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I've got my new 18" Inovit Tarmac wheels and my tyres should be here tomorrow, so was wondering if anyone can advise of somewhere decent in the Glasgow/Cumbernauld area who'll change/fit tyres not purchased from there?

Don't want the new rims all scuffed, so if there's anywhere to avoid, that would be handy to know too.


Phil :(

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Jim Dickson in the villlage :(

Very handy for me too.

As Jac says :angry: He has changed one or two tyres for me ;)

By one or two, you mean one or two before every race? B)

I normally use Jim Dickson when I'm buying tyres, but somehow got the impression that he'd only change and fit with tyres bought from him :P .

Cheers Arch/Jac,

I'll toddle off to him in the next day or so then :P .

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